23 Feb 2019

5 best things to do in Russia

5 best things to do in Russia

Among the most popular countries in the world, Russia is a common destination of world travelers. The country is rich in tourist sites that impress million visitors from all over the world. Natural landscapes, beautiful cities and historic heritages are available for any visitors who want to experience the beauty of this Eurasian country.

5 best things to do during your visit in Russia

  1. Situated in St. Petersburg, the Winter Palace is one of Russia's best landmarks. It is a colorful and ornate building with a very iconic view. Inside and out both look really impressive. The interior look is principally characterized by incredible marble decoration, golden trim and grand staircases. Visitors who come to this touristic site can visit some parts of the Palace to explore the city's history, culture and arts. The Winter Palace is classified among the most visited sites in Russia.
  2. Moscow Kremlin serves as Russian President's official residence. But it is also the place of many museums and exhibits that keep and show the incredible history of Russia. It is a very fascinating site surrounded by a fortified and defensive wall and characterized by a large building, high rise towers and golden domes. The interior looks very impressive with the luxurious architectures and a bright view. Thanks to the multiple museums inside, visitors are guided to explore a number of exhibits that display a variety of Russian and international artifacts.
  3. Alexander garden is suggested for those who want to enjoy a serene spot with iconic vista. It is a popular spot that attracts a large number of locals and foreigners every day. The garden is located at the heart of St. Petersburg near the Palace Square. It was founded to honor the 200th birth of an ancient Reign of Russia, Peter the Great. Alexander Garden features a variety of beautiful flowers and green trees that give an iconic and colorful view to the area. Visit this peaceful place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature.
  4. Amber Room is classified as one of the world's famous wonders of the 18th century. It is an impressive space designed in the early 1700s and given to Peter the Great as a gift. It was built with an amazing structure made with an extraordinary architecture. Gold-leafed walls, tall mirrors, amber panels and many other precious elements work together to give the bright breathtaking view of Amber Room. You will be lucky to visit this Russian landmark.
  5. I first heard about this park mentioned in the popular song by Scorpion which is "The wind of change". Gorky Park, the Central Park Museum of Moscow, welcome thousands of annual visitors. This is due to its iconic view and a variety of fun activities that the place offers. Many locals and foreigners gather at Gorky Park to relax and get rid of noisy life of the cities. You can also pass time to do some activities such as playing tennis, basketball, painting, dancing and visiting the best places.

Traveling to Russia

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