Our guide to visit Russia for incredible holidays !

Our guide to visit Russia for incredible holidays !

Russia cannot be hidden from the list of the world's widest countries in reason of the story and the width. In fact, it is a bridge between the continent of Asia and Europe. Russia has its special features which are unique.

There are many beautiful places to spend your holidays in Russia. It also offers several fantastic landscapes such as: « Taigas » and « Tundras » which are located in the North. There are also the birch forest, pine trees and The Black Sea. For these reasons, visiting Russia makes family, friends or couples feel so happy during their holidays.

Find the best place to visit in Russia

In Russia, there are many good places to stay during your holidays. Each place has its particularity and can be at your disposal especially during holidays. Among these places, we can mention:

  • Moscow: It is a cultural capital of Russia. It is an outsized avenue bordered by the Stalinian edifice. If you take a walk along the Medieval street, you have the opportunity to see hotels and pubs during your stay.
  • Saint Petersburg: it is the richest and most emblematic town of the nation. It is a veritable gateway in West nation. It has become the most beautiful European town since 1703. To make your holidays more comfortable and greater, your travel agency should propose you the best circuit of your holiday destination.

Enjoy a long travel all over Russia by enjoying its particularities

During six days, visiting Russia with a one thousand kilometers of distance sounds exciting. This is such an unbelievable experience.

  • Crossing the wide steppe to reach the oriental Vladivostok is the best way to discover several landscapes, fauna and flora of Russia. It is not recommended to go there in July and August because during the spring season, it is muddy.
  • If you like cold, the winter season is perfect for you. Moscow is the coldest town in Russia where you have the chance to profit and see the beautiful white landscape covered with snow. Otherwise, it's better to take a flight to Russia at the latest summer to admire the beautiful nature and the changing colors.
  • In June, the nights at the north of the country are always clear, because the sun doesn't almost set. You can live the longest day in your life there. Renting a special car in Russia promote people to see some beautiful, wild landscapes.

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Prepare your travel before leaving

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